About Us

Welcome to Seeker’s Cove.

As a personal website I intend it primarily to be a platform from which I am able to  to self-publish articles I write as well as a place to generate conversations with others on interesting topics.

As a visitor you may reply to any post. If you wish to add content let me know and we might add you to the members who can. Turn around on a reply may be a day or three but I will reply.

As a personal website the topics of interest vary. Basically things involving Science, the Nature of Information, Computer Programming, the Tao and so on. A little politics and some religion here and there  perhaps..

Naturally I expect everyone to act like adults and keep the content intelligent. As any place violence towards others in all forms will be considered a violation of terms of use. I reserve the right to define all terms of use as I see fit when I see fit. It is a personal website after all.

No commercial activity, solicitations or spam allowed.  It’s horrible that there are people on the Internet that really muck up things for the honest Administrator. Don’t be that guy please.

I am open to suggestions. The theme here is one of mind and creativity. Each of us has a path in life and has a ship made of a unique collection of experiences.You are the sum of all your seeking. I am interested in your story.  You may self identify with the label “Seeker” or you may not. If you do see yourself as a seeker ( in your own definition of seeker ) then you may be one who may be on a solo voyage or not. You are welcome to drop anchor nonetheless.

Ernst Berg may be contacted at ernst@eberg.us or eberg@student.yosemite.edu